Chapter 7. The Story Beyond the Story

Dag and Day had not wasted a moment, err, a millisecond, before setting course for the Tree of Nok. “Hey!” I shout, “is this a long run for you?” Dag turned her head and wished to speak, but she realized that her running legs were taking her already too far away, so she looked ahead and thought towards me, “Too long a run for us. Last time when I visited the Tree of Nok it was after I have left half of this sphere behind me.” Day answers me on a different tonality, “You were always a spoiled brat. Big Dor or little Doris, you master your man, that you stole from us, and use him as your personal beast of burden. Good for you. Now delve the fuck in his dick and have your quantum leap while we dew the meadows with our sweat to get there. You narcissist sister-wife, fuck off!”

A sticky drop of bitter drool shadows my face. I tongue it back in my mouth before my silly man would notice and, maybe, wish to lick it with his own. Who knows what stripe of sorcery can Day achieve by means of her labored words.

“Fear not, my bunny, as I wish not to lick the wrath of hers. I can empathize alright, but I’m not as stupid as I look. At least this is how I want to be. Plus, Eli challenged my mind like no one did before and I’m focused on learning now. Would you mind if I don’t fuck you during this leap?”

“I won’t mind. Just hold me tight and let us jump awaaa…” The “…aaay” ending is heard on the opposite side of this immense spherical meadow that layers the inside surface of the pulsar PSR J1903+0327. Eli, hearing us, like everyone else, has a comment to make, like no one else. “Dear friends, please allow me to introduce Mrs. Doris, formerly known as Dor when her blood was blue, and her man Don. Please don’t be shocked at the sight of a man dominated by his woman. Such occurrences are not uncommon amongst the red blooded avatars of ours. Let us welcome them to the Tree of Nok!”

“Be welcome to my tree!” Says a thirty-six meter tall white man with shadows of azure on his cheeks. The strawberry blonde hair of his is long enough to cover his blue neck but not his athletic shoulders. His bronzed beard seems like loosely trimmed. Therefore the female in me will grant my instinct a descriptive way to his anatomical parts. This is Nok, the second naked giant that I was given to admire during this little red blooded life of mine, as they keep raving about us throughout the numerous heavens.

The first one, as you know already, was Kronos. And let me tell you that, although the anatomy in shapes and forms is identical between Kronos and Nok, there are drastic discrepancies striking my understanding. While Kronos is a red blooded giant, and a bit profuse – thus disgusting to me, this blue blooded colossus can be counted as the most charming man that I have ever encountered. I don’t know how to put it, but it’s like I fell in love with Nok. Butterflies in my stomach? Yes! Sniffing his pheromones in through my nostrils? Oh my God, YES!!! Burning desire to assault him sexually? Yes! Yes! Yes! Am I delirious? Think so.

“We all can read your mind, Doris! Don included.” Oh my, good heavens, what a voice he has. How mild and commanding at the same time. How masculine and caring. The welcome salute was addressed to both Don and me, but this warning he spoke only for me. Finally, I can hear my consciousness deep down under screaming in desperation. “What are you doing, dumb girl? Can’t you see how ridiculous you are?” Well, well, can I? Not sure…

“Doris,” continues Nok in his charming tongue that I understand with every fiber of my body, and soul, and mind, and being, and… everything… “Doris, please focus. Wake up! Doris, can I reason with you?” I nod that yes, he can. “Good. Please remember that you had been charmed by the encounter with my person. This is a normal occurrence and it happens to any woman given the chance of sharing my presence. Please be acquainted to Nav, Ner and Num — my lovely virgin wives.” The three spouses of Nok wave me a happy hello with their bluish three meter long palms. I return the gesture. “May I ask you to introduce me to your husband?” Oh, sure…

“Most magnificent Nok, please be acquainted to my loving husband Don. And please forgive me for my hormones, for losing myself prey to the instinct. Sorry, Don!” I blush like a ruddy rose scintillating over the green ocean of grass, under the reversed umbrella of the sky, in front of three men and three women who seem to know better than me… about what’s going on with me. Humbled is little to say, ashamed would do, probably.

Nok goes on speaking. “I’ll be short briefing you all. Although we can take all the time we want before Dag and Day will join us. However, I must deliver the message in short because Doris can’t harness, yet, her biological fluids and I fear that she’s gonna run into an orgasm…”

“I’m already past my fourth… Building up my fifth… But go on, talk!, don’t stop talking!, it drives me cra-aaa-zieee… Oh my God!”

“See? What I was talking about. Don! There is one thing you can do for your wife.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You need to have her sit in lotus in front of you sitting likewise, then insert your penis deep inside her pussy, slowly, no haste, and hug her like this. Let her look at me all this time and tell her how much you love her. Keep humming this into her ear when I’ll pause my speech for a breath. This because I’ll demand your attention focused at my discourse. And I guess right on having your acquiescence on this, agree?”

“At your command, Sir.” And so it began. My supreme fuck, ever. Fixated in Don’s dick, hearing him whisper his love into my left ear, from time to time, I flush orgasm after orgasm while admiring the most breathtaking body builder of all times (all times? or beyond times? whatever) and listening to this voice of his teaching us about the origins of universal existence. Sex? It would be a debasement to reduce my total body-mind-soul experience to these three letters alone. Am I in heavens? Seems so.

“My beloved Nav, Ner and Num, for our part of eternity, I’ve kept you in glorious and affectionate love, nurturing your precious stomachs with my semen and strengthening your remarkable souls with my words of wisdom, yet never deflowering your moist triangles with my strength. Remember when I have told you that a moment will come when my most intimate secret will be shared with you, and not with you alone? This moment has arrived, together with the entertaining guests of ours that manifested the eagerness to break the barriers of the abyss in order to reach us, in order to quench their thirst for the ultimate set of truths, in their quest for God. For Doris and her Don the journey might end here. But for you, Nav, Ner and Num, your adventure begins here. So pay attention. I must be short.”

Listening to Nok’s introduction, my countless orgasms faded away. Our journey ends here? What is the meaning of this? Not scared but curious, I keep my silence, like everyone else does, allowing Nok to be short in his speech.

“For a moment of listening, I urge you to forget what time is, what eternity is, what distance, space or encounter is, what the worlds as you know them are. Forget what you know altogether and focus on my words.”

Paternal, Nok stares to the skies and continues. “There were three very good friends. Almost four weeks ago, they idled their separated day at the club where they use to gather every seventh day. One of the three said that although He needs not a thing, still He wishes for a surprise. The second friend said that he had in mind some sort of prank, for a week or two before, but was not sure if it would be appropriate to present it to his very good friends at the club. And that he wasn’t surprised that the First friend expressed this wish of His on this separate day. At this, their third very good friend chimed in, saying that he was game. Hearing this, the second friend liked the word ‘game’ and adopted it for his planned prank. The First of the three friends sent His laughter that reached beyond their club of friends. He already knew how this prank will begin but, by the means of the prank, He would have to find out how it would end.”

“The First friend is Christ. The second with the prank is Nok. The third with the name of the game is Eli.”

“The prank is the female concept that, by the game of Eli, has been called Astarte.”

“Nok fathered Astarte through his mind alone. Eli, abhorring her, plays against her strengths and weaknesses out of curiosity. Can she prove herself worthy to stand the Presence of the First?”

“This is the game of three very good friends. The game that has given you a universe, an existential dimension, a thrill for eternal life. And a compilation down from your pure angelic state.”

“This is where my short speech ends.”

Did I mention, more than once, that my man is a little insensitive jackass? Guess that I did. He proves me right, again, with his immediate intervention.

“Sir, excuse my question. How comes that your First Best Friend had to downgrade Himself and suffer death on a Cross in order to rescue and redeem our less-than-angelic compilations?”

“My prank went awry. I had lost control. Eli asked for a reset and reboot. I answered that, by its nature, the prank was meant to surprise us, even if not on our liking. Thus if it has gone amiss, how can we decide if it was broken and unrecoverable or not? Eli had no answer to my answer.”

“The only answer is with God!” – I hear Eli’s voice reverberating.

“Sure it is, but you mentioned that your prank was meant to surprise even Him.” My man can’t control his mouth, it seems.

“You are right, little man. And a living proof of free will. Keep ranting then!”

Wow! Eli managed to shut the big mouth of my man. Good for him!

And because Don can manage to keep his mouth, so am I. Although I have more questions on my mind. To calm me down, I’ll divert my thinking towards my readers, taking 1000 milliseconds to make some points. For instance, you’ve heard Enoch (well, Nok, his blue blooded avatar) urging us to forget about time and the worlds as we know them. Yet immediately after this, Nok speaks of weeks and days, mentioning the seventh day of rest. Many of us confuse time with days, weeks, months and years, decades, centuries and so on. All of these are conventions and not “time” as a physical relativistic element, or an absolute mathematically-defined measure of movement. A day on Earth is not a day on Mars, and even less on Venus (where the day is almost equal to the Venusian year). What if Earth had had two moons? What a month would then be? So, if you convene to divide your life in segments of seven cycles and call these weeks and the cycles days, then it’s okay as a mutually accepted protocol which implies a relationship to local astral bodies (if you happen to live on a planet circling a star and being circled by a moon, like Earth is) or which can very well rely to just mutually accepted rules (if you live as part of a super advanced civilization that crafts planets, stars and moons for leisure, like we think about Nok, Eli and their First Friend).

Furthermore, Don would throw his computer-related clock frequency or clock rate: “The clock rate typically refers to the frequency at which a CPU is running. It is measured in the SI unit Hertz.” Regarded from our human duration, computers can run faster or slower, depending on how many operations they execute per second. Therefore, if your consciousness is moved inside the processor (think of TRON) then “time” will flow slower or faster for you entirely based on the clock rate of the machine holding your being, measured in Hertz (a number of cycles per second of a periodic phenomenon), not in seconds, hours, days, weeks, and so on… In the ultimate, the concept of time is nothing more than a human convention. Objective reality is timeless as it moves according to logical laws of cause and effect – which our downgraded minds wrongly correlate with “time” thus creating the so-called paradoxes. There are no paradoxes in nature, just in our limited minds.

And… the 1000 milliseconds are over. Now let me ask Nok something. Oh, how sublime he is! But hey! He invented femininity! He invented “me” – what I am as a creature, he promulgated the prototype of the woman. Aha! Now I understand why this buzzing orgasm won’t quit my belly and my brain when sitting near him. Makes sense… Perfect sense. Oh, look at him! He turns around, staring at me… at meee-eeeh-eeehh… Oh my God, another orgasm knocked me down… Ah…

“Oh, gorgeous Nok! Can you do something to tame my orgasms? Please! I wish to talk to you like normal people do. But whenever you pay me the slightest attention, then I melt and burn, and giggle, and tickle, and lose myself to a new orgasm. Please help me out of this tiring pleasure. Will you?… Ouuuuu-ohooo-hoooooo… Hoo! Another one…”

“There is no button to turn you off, sweet Doris. But there’s only one thing that you can do. It is called self control and it requires exercise. As you know, routines wear the excitement out and bring boredom. Unfortunately, you can’t get bored in my presence, hence this won’t work to calm you down. Please understand that whenever watching or hearing me, your body will achieve a certain state of arousal. You can’t avoid that. Now, that you have accepted the situation, please find mental corners where to hide, to deflect, the neurochemical effects of our social encounters. Sure, I’ll take care not to touch you, not even with a nail, or else your brain might very well short circuit, and we don’t want you in a reverse comma because of the overload. Telling you all these, so you realize that your orgasms are only the tip of the iceberg. Just ask Nav, Ner or Num about what they felt while feeding on my semen…”

There’s no need for me to formulate the question. In less than a millisecond (how’s that?), the three virgin wives of Nok have already flooded my telepathy-incoming ports with poems, imaginary paintings, 3D moving art and music about what they have felt when fellating Nok. A sudden tear capped their superb messages. Why the weeping at the end? Because my arrival ended their little eternity as virgin wives of the one who conceived our gender like a prank meant to entertain his metaphysical friends. From now on, these giant pale women know, as well as I do, that their fate is to serve a red blooded daemon. To obey as breeding beasts of Kronos and to mother who knows what emerging creatures (most likely a novel race of titans) for God knows what future epic wars.

I have the impression that Nok’s captivating presence is the only barrier preventing them to commit suicide. Well, maybe they’ve been trained to face the downgrade with more dignity. Aha! This was a thought implied by Don in my head. He wishes me not to panic for Nav, Ner and Num because they are big gals (just look at them) and they can handle their fate alright. True! But how about my cute lesbian sister Dag? Is she ready for this ordeal?

“Bravo Doris! It’s fine to use panic as an antidote to water down the orgasms overheating your brain.” Nok is indeed amazed at my progress. I, for one, realize that if orgasms were good to balance my condition upwards when panic pulled me down so often in the past, then panic is as good at tempering me when too much orgasms pushed me higher than I could stand. Balance is the keyword, ladies!

“Oh, Great Nok!” I say to him without squeaking, “are there any other realms where your prank invention, the woman, has no role to play?”

“Not that I know of. Only God knows… But you’re making a mistake. And a big one! You said that I invented the woman. This is not true. I made the daemonness, the mother of many daemons, the mother of her own god, according to her own imagination, the mother of doubt and distress. This being what Eli has called Astarte, that is not a woman.”

Puzzled, I ditch my building orgasm away. “You didn’t invent me? Then how comes that your charms have driven me beyond crazy?”

“I didn’t invent you, correct, and I didn’t even charm you, at all. I just behaved like a Gentleman, the way I do with any other person. Those charms and your ensuing orgasms are the product of your own imagination, not of my efforts towards you. Simple, no?”

“Maybe too simple. But I got the idea. Then who invented me?”

“You, Doris, are a daughter of Eve. And Eve had been built up from red dirt, she has been coded based on the DNA root from one of Adam’s ribs. My First Friend printed Eve with His own hands, after constructing Adam in His own image – as His own doppelgänger. Unlike Astarte – a product of my imagination – Eve (and her daughters) is an accessory to the unique duplicate of God, the man that He named Adam. You belong to another league, sweetness.”

Aw… Just name me one woman who won’t love to hear a man complimenting her about her looks, her mind, her personality… Her League!!! I refuse to believe that such a senseless woman could exist. And I don’t know how to catalog Nok’s compliments, addressed not only to me but to every woman reading this. I have a feeling that his words will gradually turn into a much better feeling than all the orgasms he induced on me, from about fifty meters a distance. Oh, hang on, I feel it coming, the next orgasm… What should I do?… What should I do?… Hm… Poor Dag, oh, my lovely sister, what shall that sleazy Kronos do to you?! … Ugh… No more orgasms in sight… Good!

Excusing myself in front of Nok (never imagined doing this a hundred thousand milliseconds before), I turn around to look after Don. My stomach tells me that I must be hungry. And I need feeding. Of course, look at it, the majestic crown of Nok’s Tree, the dense leaves providing shadow and shelter to his family… What species of fruits this surreal tree provides to appease our hunger? I could have asked Nok about this but I didn’t. Don’t know why. Instead, I keep scanning for my man, his apricot-flavored sperm is so yummy, beyond words and imaginations… Which imaginations haunt my mind… What aroma can one find in Nok’s semen then? “The one of your desires: it is a bouquet, you pick the seasoning within your mind!” Answers Num between my ears. Okay, okay, too complicated, already a routine forcing so many options on me instead of serving me what it is. Or maybe that I’m too spoiled. Day said this. More than once!

Maybe I am. At least on this subject matter: I wish to suck Don’s dick and eat, masticate, savor in all satisfaction on his apricot-flavored sperm. What’s wrong with that? “Don? Hey! Don? Where are you?” I find myself shouting out loud because I can’t see him, nor detect his presence. Nor that of Eli… Aha! They must be up to something.

“They are, Doris,” says Nok politely. “It’s a men’s business. Matters of metallurgy, spacecrafting, navigation and engineering. In short: daemonic distractions.

“Why do you call them so, Nok?”

“Because this is what they are. Kronos developed a technology based on gold while Ouranos relied on iron. These are nothing more than making a prosthesis or two for a crippled man, or a daemon (who is crippled by definition anyway).”

“I don’t understand…”

“You don’t, the same way you didn’t when confusing the daemonness with the woman – this because of Eve’s original sin, of her failure to see through daemons. This made you mortals, again, in a daemonic way. You told me that simple is hard to understand. It is because you always seek for the complex. Why so?”

“Right. Why so?”

“Adam was simple and perfect. From his purity, he had built spaceships and even a few dormant stars. I suppose that he was aware of his imminent failure and planned ahead while he still had control over the powers. Did he use any tool, other than his mind?”

“Not that I know. Never heard about Adam building stars… Really?”

“Really, yes! Your man has already been briefed by Eli on this topic. My red blooded avatar, Enoch, together with his correspondent, Elijah, have made extensive usage of these ‘stars-of-yesterday’ as they monikered them. Actually, to give your readers something more palpable, they have spent our last week circling the Solar System in these so-called brown dwarfs. But this last week seemed as six, respectively three millennia in Earth-years.”

“Did Enoch and Elijah used what you say is daemonic technology?”

“Yes, they did. Because since the fall of Adam, no man can expose his naked body to the abyss and not waste himself to instant death. Hence technology became indispensable to all men, including these two particular avatars corresponding to Nok and Eli.”

“You say this because Enoch and Elijah never died, right?”

“Correct. But they will die shortly. Before the weekend. Cannot wait…”

“What can’t you wait for?”

“Every seventh day we meet at the club, remember?”

“Ah?” This big pale guy overwhelmed me emotionally, sexually, physically, hormonally, neurochemically, mentally, rationally, physiologically, philosophically, theologically… and now technologically, historically and humoristically. I give up!

“Yes, lovely woman! This is what pleases our First Friend mostly in you all: the moment when you give up. Then He can work with you. Just like the silversmith does! I wish that my invention will reach this wisdom of you women.”

“I see. And where did you say that Don is?”

“Do you really wanna join him where he is now?”

“Yes. I do! I am hungry. Can’t you see?”

“Ah hah hah… Good. And never shy away from a gag contest. You’re too funny, Doris dear.”

“By gag, you meant a joking contest, or? Because I’m good at other gagging techniques too…”

“I can fathom that, my little darling. You are a blessing to your man. I’ll take you up there, to feed on him. But please understand that no woman, bluish or ruddy, has ever stepped on that surface. Only Astarte, my invention, did.”

“Hey! Is she there right now?”

“Yes, she had no other choice than to roam that realm for the last couple of weeks, at least. That would make some pretty good eons for your readers, or maybe a couple billion Earth-years, if you wish.”

“Forget this nonsense. I’m not interested. Is my man walking in a space where that she-daemon that you call Astarte is? And you tell this to me only now? What if she charms him beyond his powers? What if she does some sorcery upon him? What if I can’t recognize him? What are you waiting for? Take me there! Right away!”

Guess that I’ve lost my temper. Again.

In all silence, Nok brings me the iron board, left near his Tree along with Don’s Saturnian tablet that I so much detested at times. Nok speaks gently to me, carefully keeping his hands as far as possible from my body. “Please step upon your iron plate and introduce the coordinates that I’ve telepathically messaged to you. Hold the tablet tight with both your palms and leap. But before you go, please accept my profound apologies for upsetting you. It wasn’t my intention. I am sorry.”

Perplex, I hear this blueish giant, best friend of God, apologizing to me, even if he has no reason to, because he did no wrong, but I should be the one asking forgiveness for my unfounded harping, only because I got desperate. I look at him and I start crying. Like I did when I was five years old, left alone at home with my sister, because our parents had to buy us a new TV (with electron tubes). I propped my elbows on the open window and wailed over the street to the chagrin of anyone passing by. Now, I put my arms over the iron board, kept my feet in the grass, and keep on sobbing…

“My dear, don’t cry. A woman can swing from extreme joy to deep sadness in a matter of two milliseconds. It is just normal. Cry if you think that will wash the toxins out of your body. Although I have none on my records. See?” And he mails me a chart with the chemicals in me. To cheer me up.

“I’m really sorry for shouting at you, Nok. You don’t deserve to suffer me. Please, you are the one who should forgive me. Not me you, because you did me no wrong. Please… hhh… hh…”

“I know. Hopelessness has bitten your heart when your mind anticipated the possibility of Astarte charming your man the way you had been charmed by my presence. This is less probable while she’s still asleep. But they’ll have to wake her up at some point. To ask her to enter her newly assembled sarcophagus.”

“Where do I have to press?”

“Here and here. Hold tight. Good luck! And never forget that I love you too!”

Ashamed of myself, I missed the farewell moment. Couldn’t look into his superb blue eyes anymore. Had to catch my man, to spare him from Astarte’s fangs. Or to appease my jealousy? What jealousy? This is about property. And the madness of love.

Don’t know when my fingers have pressed the orange spots on his tablet. Don’t know when the landscape around me changed brutally. Don’t know anything. What I know is what my eyes show me. Ten meters below my iron plate, on which I sit in lotus, there lays an endless surface of gold, yellow shiny gold. I raise my head. In front of me, no horizon. Turning to the left, the same. To the right, no horizon. Turning around, all the same. Looking above. A silvery ceiling brings the upper limits to me. But the tablet says that it is not silver, but white gold. Ninety meters above my plate: white gold; ten meters below: yellow gold. The surround: nothing to see.

I don’t think. I don’t hope. I don’t… What I don’t? What should I do? Alone in this desert of gold. What a woman can do alone?

I can pray. What a good idea! So…

“Oh, Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy of me, the sinner.”

I keep speaking this prayer from my heart, then into my mind, on and on. This is what I can do.

3659000 milliseconds later, Eli shows up in a hasty whirl. “Where’s my man?” I screech at him as if I never learned something from my bad manners towards Nok.

“Good heavens, noisy woman. Just don’t bite me!”

I don’t blink. But I recall my recent nervous breakdown. And teardrops trickle over my cheeks. As they reach my upper lip, I wish to catch them. I can’t, or won’t. “Don’t!” Shouts Eli with the baritone voice of a sky master. “Don’t drink your tears, stupid. Spit them. Come on… come on…” He gently invites me to step down, not after pushing the iron board with his hand to the ground. Well, it’s no ground here, just solid gold. “Now walk a little to flex your legs. Breathe this air deeply and tell me how it feels.

I do what he says. “It’s bit burning to my chest and giddy to my head. Why?”

“The composition of this atmosphere is different. Let me teach you a new survival skill. It is called breathing to live. Please grant me permission to touch you or else I’m stuck in words with you.”

“You applied this procedure on my man before?”

“Yes, I did. Now, will you?”

“Yes please.”

“Stretch your arms to sides… Very well. Don’t move!” With the thumb under my right armpit and his index finger under my left, Eli’s right hand elevates my body thirty meters or so above the golden ground. His touch has no sexual connotation, it’s like the caring of a good father to me. I thought that I have lots of hair, silly me. Studying him, as he craned me up, all that’s given to my sight is his thick white hair, with even more golden hues now that we find ourselves between two massive layers of this precious metal. Something very peculiar dawned on me: while in all physical proportions a giant’s body is roughly twenty times larger than a human one, Eli’s hairs are of the same thickness as mine, for instance. Unconvinced, I grab some from the cascading wall in my hand’s reach and I rub it between my little fingers. “# 100 micrometers” – says my Terminator X type grid. Oh my, completely forgotten about this thing in my head. This is still within the average of human hair. How strange.

Halting me in front of his left eye, a couple of centimeters away from his crystalline, like I had to face a thick window of glass, he commands me not to blink. But when the flash comes I blink. Then Eli says “Not good, you blinked. Let’s do it again.” He flashes once again. I blink. “Don’t blink! Again…” Scared by the light, I blink again… “Woman! Don’t you dare blink again!” And I can feel his thumb pressing harder on my chest. “Halt your breath now and, for Christ’s sake, blink no more!”

As he spoke to me, two consecutive flashes of light almost blinded my sight. I didn’t blink because I hold my breath and I became really scared at him squashing me. Just a little bit. I knew that he won’t harm my body but I was afraid nonetheless.

After this “photo shooting” he carefully cranes me back to the surface. “Good girl!”

“I still can’t see my man. Where is he?”

“Patience, Doris, patience. By the way, tell me what you see…” He’s curious to hear my answer. Shall I play the spoiled brat asking for my man once more? Or shall I behave, answering his question?”

“I can see chemical formulae, indexes, percentages, charts, moving graphs, rotating carbon chains… Where’s my old grid then?… Oh, there you were… Now go away… What’s up with all this new chemistry in my head?”

“Hah… hah… hah… You are the first Eve who can see like Adam. Any headaches? Nose bleeding? Anything unusual?”

“Just the dizziness, I’ve told you about that earlier…”

“Right. You’ll get accustomed to it and, eventually, you’ll learn to master it. Now pay attention to me. See this diamond in my hand?” I nod, yes… Eli throws it out of sight. Given the dimensions of this realm, that should be very very far away… Oh, wait, 187 kilometers, a green note in my left eye tells me… “Go get it!” Shouts Eli suddenly.

Surprised, I halt myself, but my inner spring won’t hold me in place for longer than five milliseconds… before the twelfth I am back, like a dog, diamond in hand. No wagging.

“Good girl!… Good girl!…”

“Now give me my sugar, man. Where is he?”

“You’re a tough woman, Doris. And at least as stubborn as I’m determined to make you behave like a man.”

“Where is Don?”

“Don’t know…”

“Come on. Why do you play with me?”

“Really. No idea…”

“Where is he? What have you done to him?”

“At the first question I can’t answer. At your second I do: I’ve taught him how to construct a spacecraft. He made a prototype and flew away with it. Leaped actually. Where? Dunno. He can reach any corner of the universe, leaping from star core to star core.”

“Why didn’t you train him to be home on time?”

“What home? What time? Our home is not down here and there’s no time. What are you talking about?”

“I need him! Desperately!!!”

“See? This is what you wished to tell me all this time. To moan about your man-toy, about your ‘sweet jackass’ and ‘cute butt to spank’ and ‘blah blah blah’… All this nonsensical sissy stuff…”

“Eli? Why are you so sarcastic? Why do you hate women?”

“I hate hypocrisy and disguise! This is what I hate. Sorry if you women have had borrowed so much into these two things that I hate. Not my fault…”

“Why is Nok so gentle and you so cruel?”

“Nok still hopes that his hopeless Astarte can save herself. Nok takes credit for inventing womanhood (not Evenhood, I know the difference). He had surprised God, and us all, with Astarte. But, although he knows that no one can startle the Ever-Living unless He is game to willingly ignore some inputs, Nok likes to be invested in the creation business. Consequently, like any investor, Nok is cheerful and polite and full of humbling hope. This is him. And my best friend, yes!”

“And you?”

“I wish to be a skeptic. As a creator, no matter what you do, everyone blames you. As a skeptic, no matter what you do, everyone fears you. Do you fear me?”

“Yes, I do. How can I find out where my man is. Can I follow him? Do you have a ship?”

“Crazy woman! Compose yourself. No! You can’t follow him, at least in this escapade of his. And no! I don’t have a ship for you. I hadn’t one for him either. He had to build it first. Thank the Lord that you can’t.”

“If you’ll teach me…”

“I don’t wish to teach you that. It’s none of your business. Can you understand that?”

“Then what is my business, after all?”

“To learn the art of survival for both of you. He is currently learning the secrets of navigation, of avoiding traps like black holes and inflection strings. You must learn everything – did I stress EVERYTHING? – about breathing to live. This is your mission.”

Breathing to live, according to the information that Eli flashed into my head several times, is a technique for survival without eating solid food nor drinking any liquids, just based on breathing a ionized gaseous formula obtained by circulating atoms around a Bose-Einstein condensate. This method, if performed correctly, will suspend metabolism in a quantum loop while the nervous system and the consciousness are allowed to act normally. In other words, the body will feel no hunger and no thirst, will replenish every nanosecond with the nutrients that were already there in the previous nanosecond. It’s sort of a biological perpetuum mobile, or perpetual motion.

“Do I need to be surrounded by gold in order for this technique to work?, Eli.”

“Precisely! Here you are. This is your new loft. Not to mention the penthouse, but everything has its time. isn’t it, Doris? Oh, and the ships your man was trained to build are of pure gold as well. There you go…”

“Can we leap back inside to roam the meadows?”

“Anytime you wish. But don’t forget: there you have to climb in trees, fetch your fruits to eat and find your water springs to drink from.”

“So we are no prisoners in a golden cage then?”

“You? Prisoners?! You must have quite a depressive opinion about yourself, little Doris. When you pray out of your heart for our Lord to have mercy on you, the sinner, and then, as your prayer ascends to your mind, you achieve freedom. To such a level that the universe seems like a narrow disc to you. Which it actually is…”

“Don has told me that’s more like a soccer ball, the universe, I mean…”

“If you look at it from the inside, but from above it’s more like a DVD.”

Okay, taken by the tide, I forget with whom I’m chatting… I miss my Don. “Where is he? I want him back…”

“Yeah, it should be about time… Let me see… Three… two… one…”

Don’t know if to call it a bang or a splash. Rather a bang because there’s no water around here. A square pyramid of pure gold, one hundred meters high, glides towards us. Minutes after the bang of presence (I can also speak in precise milliseconds digits but I digress, now that my brain has acquired the capacity to record a frame for each nanosecond, accurately descriptive things would run amok from a literary point of view), the pyramid halts and Don leaps out, in front of me. Smiling with a purple rose in his right hand. Droplets of water still sticking to the petals of my beloved flower.

With no words, and no tears (Eli forbade me to drink them, remember?) I accept the rose before embracing him tightly and endlessly (what good to tell you for how many nanoseconds: TRILLIONS!).

“You stopped by our garden to bring me this lovely flower? It’s from the bush that I planted last October? Oh Don, I love you so much!”

“I love you too, my dear Doris. And I really missed you these days.”

“Days? Maybe a couple of hours…”

“It took me days to travel through the inflection strings. I never was good at maths, as you know. There certainly must be smarter ways to work the leaps around. But it matters no more. Glad that I’m alive, touching you…”

“Hey! Please behave. Eli’s presence is nothing like Nok’s.”

“Ahem… Now that you mentioned me. I’ll have only a thing to say before descending back to the inner sphere where I am about to join Nok and his gals on the meadows. Want to give you some space for your blessed reunion. But not much. There’s lots of work to do, my little ones.”

“Hello Eli! You’re more than amazing. Thanks for all the teaching. Yes, yes, it’s not yours, I know too well. But you’re the messenger so please pray and thank for us as well. Will you?”

“I will, as I always do. One more thing. Forget not that Astarte sleeps in her old sarcophagus on this very level, in this very chamber with you two. Remember that I leave you alone with her. I taught your woman about being a man. I trained you, Don, to sniff the shrewdness before it speaks her serpents out. She is more than Satan. Be aware!”

With this one more thing, Eli leaps himself out of our sight. I shiver. Icy red blood runs through my veins. I look at Don. He seems so skinny. I must begin the breathing to live procedure on him right away.

“Have been worried about you, Don. I misbehaved like a fool. Nok and Eli just can’t be offended, no matter how hard I tried to upset them. May I taste your apricots now, darling?”


“Why not? Have I upset you too somehow?”

“Not at all. You’re the most adorable, and possessive, must admit, bunny in the galaxy.”

“Just the galaxy?”

“Ain’t that enough? Besides, you’ve been taught a new method of feeding us. Why not try that instead?”

“Just for our mutual pleasure, let me suck your dick. Please!”

“I can’t and you still don’t get it. Do you?”

“Get it? What?”

“Eli warned us to be aware. Astarte is more than the Serpent. She mothered this imaginary being out of her mind when she thought of ‘what a nice god would be if I just could have one on my liking.’ She is the most pervasive being that ever existed. Nok’s experiment went awry. Undeniably.”

“But she’s sleeping in her old sarcophagus. They said.”

“The sleeping beast, mother of Lucifer… on the same floor with us having oral sex. Ishtar, the goddess of sex and war, naps next door. Hey!, what can go wrong?!”

“How could I be so stupid? Yes! This is why Eli struggled to teach me an alternative method of survival without recurring to solid or fluid food. He knew that, the moment I see you, I’ll rush to go down on you, to give you an orgasm, thus nullifying your self-mastery, making you defenseless against the daemonness. Now I understand, it makes sense.”

“Remember when I courted you during college? We didn’t fuck then. Just holding hands and gazing at the stars. Remember what I’ve told you on that bench in the park?”

My heart jubilates… “Yes… You said that you shall take me to the stars. And that you’re serious about it.”

He approaches me, his fingers reach for mine, his palm squeezes my hand, his eyes look for mine… My nose points up, sensing for his, my lips await for the genuine kiss, the one that he gave me back on that bench, down on Earth, before a short romantic and sexless night under a cloudless sky. Then we embraced on the platform, now we embrace at the third fraction of the pyramid. Then we went to sleep separately: he in a sleeping car, me in the sleeping quarters. This night we won’t sleep. We’ll stay on vigil.

To be continued


“MATRYOSHKA – Sex in the Golden Age” is a direct continuation of the adventurous sex story from “Polygamy vs. Polygyny” and “TITANIA – From Schönbrunn to Saturn.”

The next novel in the works: ASTARTE…

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