Chapter 5. Colliding Oceans

“Hey, hey! Look over here. Hello, Doris!” I know him too well: when he’s determined to capture my attention, then nothing would stop him from disturbing my concentration, or my sleep, at times. I turn around to stare at him, taking my eyes away from Dag’s teardrop and hoping to get back to the stories of a Prior Age, not after a new tedious reboot. “What is it, Don, that cannot wait?” I shiver. He managed to consume an entire watermelon-sized apricot and now he grabs for a second one. I struggle to refrain from a well deserved hysteric outrage, assuming that he has some other reason for disturbing me out of Dag’s memory lane. “What is it, Don?” The effort transpires through my voice.

“Dag is impatient. She wants us to break camp and head for another shelter. She sniffs danger.”

“Oh really? And why didn’t she mentioned this to me while I wandered all over her mind?”

“She tried, but you were so damn captivated with your lesbian revolution that she preferred asking me to nip at you. Waking you up physically, to your current human body, is safer than distracting you in that she-daemon blue blooded body. Makes sense, eh?” Unfazed, he bites the new apricot, chomping aloud, and away from a concern that he just passed on to me. This is my man, not worrying in vain. Confident that I’m better suited to carry the burdens of abstract thinking.

“Dag?” I turn upwards in low voice.

“Yes, love.” She smiles at me with a teeth wall of the finest porcelain.

“Are you worried?”

“Yes, I am, Dor.”


“Had sniffed the scent of Day in the air. She is nearing. We must leave. Immediately!”

Corroborating the brutal treatment that I gave Day in my morning dream, about which Don says it’s a clue not a dream, with the consideration that a monster woman, twenty times bigger than me, wants to harm me and my man, I don’t wait for another incentive. “On we go!” I say and Dag jumps on her feet, smelling out the surroundings. I catch a glimpse at her prominent clitoris, surging above the coarse reddish hair covering her pubic mount. Hm, did I know of being a lesbian in my prior life?

“Give us a direction and a distance, Dag! And you, Doris, hurry up!” My Don, in charge of his plate of steel, awaits impatiently for me to join him.

“There!” Dag stretches her pillar-like right hand, “sixteen thousand leaps. Go!” And she jumps into her uber-athletic galloping. Most likely she understands that our device needs no more than a quantum jump to reach the destination in advance of her best efforts. Which happens even before I can finish my idea, the thought of it.

“Tell, little bunny, what have you done to Day and piss her off big time?”

“How should I know? Other than from our dreams this morning. Or clues, according to you.”

“Well, how about asking Dag when she arrives? Beg her to spare us the teardrop saga, at least for the moment, and make it brief to us, in her own words, will you?”

“Why don’t you ask her then, wise guy?”

“Because I’m not her lesbian lover, you are!”

Good point. He’s really smart, this man of mine. How interesting: he was mine during a prior life and he is mine in this life as well. Wondering if death can do us part. The second death, I mean. Hm, if I consider a bit, our first did us part, for a while at least. “By the way,” I hear my voice hijacking my thinking, “can you give me a time estimation about the Prior Age, Don?”

“Not exactly, but I have a theory, mostly pure speculation.”

“Don’t be shy, speak it out. I’m all ears.”

“I think that the Earth is not a naturally occurring planet. Should be a huge artificial machine, like a spherical space ship or more like Saturn: a rock coming from beyond time, and space. This space, at least. Dunno, it’s just a theory.”

“According to Kronos, everything in the universe should be artificial, because it’s been painted by his hand crafted fractal functions, remember?”

“I do. Well then, let’s agree that the art of Kronos is what we’re accustomed to call natural occurrences, whereas Kronos painted nature into existence. To date, our empirical knowledge tells us that the core of planet Saturn,” he waves his tablet in front of my eyes, “is not a natural occurrence, not a fractal construct by the hands of Kronos, not a part of this universe, or at least of this expression of it. Earth may harbor a similar story. No idea yet, other than comparing and speculating. Sorry.” We allow silence to surround us. I imagine then.

“Don, while roving through Dag’s mind, have you heard of the Maker?”

“The Maker, or the Ever-Living, Yahwah, before translating into English. Yes, I had.”

“It’s Him, the God of the Old Testament. Am I right?”

“Yes, you are, of the Old and of the New Testaments, and who knows of how many other books.”

“Now, can you make a time estimate about the Prior Age? Based on this.”

“Are you nuts? Don’t tell me that you believe in the seven thousand years-old Earth, Doris! The Bible makes minimal reference to the Prior Age, and when it does, time measurement is not included. Actually, it proves to us that the space-time continuum is nothing more than an illusion, an abstract distortion of our meager minds. What I can tell you for sure is that at least Earth and Saturn were not made by Kronos, or at least the inner cores of these two planets. From this statement to the verses in Genesis, stating that God, the Ever-Living, Yahwah, has made the Earth, there’s too long a way, and mostly undocumented. I believe that the Maker made the Earth but here comes the question: which Earth? That of the Prior Age or that of another age, prior to the Prior Age? And so on. We aren’t given any precise cosmological reference about the number and succession of the different eons of the Earth. What Moses tells us, specifically, is that the Earth of our age became desolate and empty, and upon this catastrophic landscape, the Maker had begun to rebuild what we know as our history. Match this with what we learned from Dag’s teardrop and bind the dots: the Prior Age went down under a boiling ocean of desolation. Makes sense. As about your craving for years, as this would matter, would you be content with a fictional ballpark of two or three billion earth-years from the fiery end of the Prior to the events recorded by Moses?”

“Maybe, I don’t know. It’s too dense for me to understand.” I sigh and wish to forget. But te little devil in my man won’t let me go so easily.

“Wow, I can hear your IQ diving like a Stuka, hah hah. Most likely, you’re in desperate need for one, to charge your batteries. Shall we?” Oh no, I’m not in the mood. I’m too scared. Lost over the high meadows on the inside of a pulsating neutron star (can’t believe my eyes what I’m writing here), then thrown under the rug of intrigues and platitudes of various daemons, gods, giants, under the observation of their Almighty Maker. All this goes beyond the abstract of my mind… Or of any mind? What can I say? Think I’ll need one from my man, to take me out of this glass stifling with melancholy…

“Yes, Don, please give me one. Here and now!” As we sit on the iron plate, waiting for Dag to arrive, I turn around to face him, I allow my lotus to extend, embracing his waist with my legs, and I introduce my intimacy around his rock-hard shaft. Feeling my man’s robustness pressing my muscles aside gives me confidence in the present. I’m not alone to face the cruel uncharted existence. He is here to protect me, to provide… Oh, by the way, think that my late revolutionary idea with the auxiliary provider wasn’t so terrific after all. I, for one, and for now, wish to be served and sheltered. It’s too much of a hostile world out there. Don’t want to deal with it. Why not give him the chance? All the chances. Yes, let me focus on this growing orgasmic wave. Wish to fly on the crest of it, to plunge and rise again, with the next wave. Twelve hundred milliseconds later, his sperm floods my vagina with a warm confidence, oxytocin contracts my uterus and my mind erupts in fireworks. I faint.


“Look who’s coming for supper! Ah, dear Dor…”

The voice piercing my brains like needles is nothing more and nothing less than the prelude to a horrible shock. When I open my eyes to search for Dag, I see the giant dark blue eye fixing me. So close that her eyebrows whiff my cheeks, almost. “Hi Dag…” I say tiresome and look to nest my nose on the other shoulder of my man.

“Dag is an hour away from us, Mrs. Doris. What a cute new name you have. May I use it when addressing this tiny being that you’ve became, in your second life?”

I wake up. No room to relax anymore. “Who are you?”

“Oh… Allow me to take some steps back, so you can better see me.” The enormous eye zaps the air in a sudden vacuum and then I see the monster in front of us. I pinch Don. Oh my, I’m still in him. He hops but I can’t sense the tingle. With my hand, I turn his head around. “Look!”

The sight has already frozen the blood in my veins. There was a giant blonde grinning at us. Her body like Dag’s but her hair like gold. She was Day, the one I treated so badly in the other eon, the one with good reason to seek revenge, the one that Dag associated with danger. I kept freezing and squeezing the arms of my man. Me, not he.

“Hi Day, how are you?” I can’t believe my ears. The senseless Don addresses her in all nonchalance, like they’ve seen each other yesterday or something.

“Good to see you, Don. Still fucking your beloved Dor, err, Doris now. You never gave me one like this, did you?”

“How should I know. My memory is empty. How about you tell me?” Having a thick-skinned character is what I always hated at him, but I can see that this comes in handy at times, especially when panic engulfs my soul.

“Oh, how I wish to have you in me! Right here, in front of her. To make her watch me making love to you, giving you the best of me and asking back the same she did. Oh, how I wish to have her kneeling and begging for forgiveness. How I wish to appease the thirst in my soul.”

Day’s voice resonates just like Dag’s. Well, maybe a bit less crystalline. Looking up at her, I intervene between her wishes and my man. “Day, you must have hated me for things I did to you in the past? I am sorry.”

“Good. Doris, little kitten, how could you be otherwise than sorry? Especially from this puny body of yours. You can’t fight me, can you?” She snarls at me. I press Don’s hand, seeking for the tablet… “Nah, nah, nah. Don’t you dare run away from me. I promise you that if you vanish out of my sight, then I’ll find you once again, like I did when I took you by surprise just now. And I won’t be so kind to waste more words on you the next time.”

“Promise that you won’t harm us now, Day!”

“You little violent bitch. Do you think that harm can be just physical?” Agitated by my mistrust, she struggles to control her left hand from grappling the iron plate altogether with our embraced tiny bodies. To better control herself, she chooses to take two steps backward. As a sign of giving us confidence. “I promise not to bodily harm you, Doris. As about Don? I never wanted to harm him anyway. I still love him, even if he keeps declaring his total love for you, bitch. Making the case for my deep antipathy against you.”

“Hey, dear Day, if you take another step backwards, then I’ll give your big pussy a deep lick. Imagine that I can dive all of myself in between your moisturized labia. What you saying?” Before allowing her to respond, I say to myself that my man is a hopeless prick. But I get his point: Day’s hand is still in reach of slapping us and he wants to gain a safe position with us standing our ground. A smart and hopeless prick that had me in love over my ears, that had had me and two other gals in love to him in another eon, that still has a word to make us wet. Hm… I start speaking of “us” instead of “me.” Not good, dear Doris, not good at all…

“Here, Don, two more steps. My hand won’t reach you out of the blue. Are you content now? Are you confident that I don’t have any intention of crippling you?” She sounds clever and assertive. I bet that she hides an agenda… With one finger circling over three red spots on his tablet, Don has us secured from any aggression. And Day speaks on, confirming my suspicion. “Dag will reach us in less than an hour. So let’s get down to business first. Afterwards, if any time left, I wish to chatter some more. But not before we reach an agreement.”

“What agreement?” I dare ask with a smidgen of curiosity in my voice.

“The rules of engagement, Doris. War will be upon us shortly. If we’d ever knew.” Speaking sternly, she squats, crosses her legs and attains a lotus position. Just like mine. With the only difference that I’m still adorning Don’s dick while her pussy remains tight, as it always has been.

“What do you know, Day? And what do you wanna know, Day?” I ask plainly.

“I know that you both refused to handle me and Dag to Kron. I know that the earth ate you within the same hour. I know that the earth was no more and waters prevailed over it. I know that Dag and I were saved, moved to this upper meadow of the globe. I know that I cried abundant tears for my master man, Don, and even for the most selfish sister of them all, Dor. I knew that you would be, eventually, brought back, just never thought that your new size would matter that much. It does, I know now. I know that you’ll make the call for a great war. And I know that I want to be part of it.”

“War? What war, Day?”

“Don’t know what war, some war; nor where, somewhere. Now here’s what I wish to know.” She talks like a machine with no propensity for emotions. Yet I get the hint of a sensitive and generous soul in her. What had I done if my man would have told me that he loved Day more than me? So much more that he can’t make love to me for her sake, for listening to her freaking control desires. I don’t think that I would have been as benevolent as she is.

My thoughts are interrupted by Day’s words.

“I wish to know about your second life. I want to reason together with you about the implications of giving me, and Dag, to Kron. I wish to know how it is not to be a virgin anymore.”

Shock and awesome awe. “Are you still a virgin?” We wondered out loud on two voices.

“Did you fuck me, Don? Have you given him permission, Dor? Ever?” She’s angry now. Oops!


Our silence emboldens her. “Any woman of the Golden Earth had a master man. But Dag and me, we had two masters, our rightful man and the freaking slutty sister of ours: the Master Lesbian rebel. That was you, Dor!”

“Wow, Doris, you make me proud!”

“Shut up, Don.” Calming his over excitement, because hearing this he started to pound my pussy like mad, I stare back at her, ready to fight. “Are there more virgins waiting on this side of the pulsar? Beside you and Dag.”

“You’ve always been good at diverting a topic. I really hate this at you. But well, let’s see where do you wish to get us. Virgins roaming the meadows that I know. Besides Dag, there’s Nav, Ner and Num. We are five left out.”

“Left out of what?” I dare my luck, not without fear but never disclosing it.

“Left, or better said moved, out of the imploding Golden Earth. All souls had been lost along in the abyss of the ocean while the five of us were tossed away, to fly in ever larger circles until we could land safely on this green and welcoming surface. Just like the one we had left at the time of its downfall.”

“Wait a minute. Dag remembers an invisible hand grabbing her out of the crumbling lands. You speak about tossing out. Can you please be more specific?”

“Don’t know what you want to hear from me, little Dor, but something, or someone, can’t tell, grabbed me around my waist, painfully tight, and flew away with me. For 4387 milliseconds, I felt this force pulling me up then violently tossing my body above the cracks in the Golden Sphere.”

“Golden Sphere? What Golden Sphere are you talking about?”

“Ah. Right. None of us knew what made the Golden Earth worthy of its name. I found out when granted to escape the atrocious death given to all the others, you included. Our Green Earth had been surrounded by a Golden Sphere. Fourteen thousand kilometers in diameter, by the interior. One kilometer thick. Pure Gold with a yellowish nuance on the inside but silvery shine on the outside. It was breaking apart and falling down in massive blocks. The forceful arm guided my flight of such a manner to avoid being hit by one of these debris. When tossed out, I still ran forty-two complete orbits before the Golden Sphere was no more… and ten more orbits before the Earth drowned altogether. Ninety-five orbits later, I was too far at a distance to see the water ball replacing it. It was when I learned the meaning of the word ocean. You were saying that love was like an ocean… Well, not to me!”

“Whose forceful arm?” Nags Don to Day as his dick pokes between my legs. This man of mine will never stop surprising me. The apocalyptic events she described to us, that also served as global scenery to our first death, had a profound emotional effect on my soul. I forgot, for the instant, where I sat, what I was doing, who was around… I simply stopped to regroup. How long can I halt myself in contraction? Only as long as it takes the senseless donkey in my man to formulate a reply.

However, as much as Day loves to bitch me on occasions (rare – must admit), she won’t manifest her emotions. I wish to believe that she’s having them, like I do and like Dag has always exteriorized her feelings without the slightest intention of hiding behind a mask. Unperturbed, Day answers Don’s question, “The forceful arm of Eli!”

Extraordinarily, Day sets my man (and hers) back on the defensive, “You mean… you mean… you talking about Elijah the Prophet?” He trembles mildly out of me and turns sideways. All his attention is now focused on Day. She knows it, I can feel it!, but she’s kind of taken aback by his inquiry.

“I don’t know of any Elijah the Prophet. I know only of Eli, the Executive. The only man who had no women and no tree, but who cared for all men, all women and all trees. Eli! The Sky Master of our late Golden Earth.”

Her voice reverberates the name Eli in high reverence. Day sounds quite religious on this subject. Noticing her weak point, I charge back. “Through the recent history of the Blue Earth, whence we came, we had one Elijah, man of God, who never died yet, on a sunny day, he was taken off planet by a chariot of fire or, in other words, by a space ship. During his earthly life, he had the power to control weather, to order jets of fire from the sky, to perform quantum loops and similar accomplishments, considered as ‘miracles’ in the past. He always showed supremacy towards people and familiarity towards God.”

My bluish angry monster sister listens, all ears, carefully accepting my words. Standing up, she stretches her arms above in the air. Raising her voice from crystal to thunder, Day fills the atmosphere with her lively call.

“Eli, o’kad aiyt aant?”

According to the English translator in our Saturnian tablet, this means “Eli, where art thou?”

“Why do you do this?” Asks Don plainly.

Glancing down at him, this time on a rather whispering timbre, Day explains that “this is how I use to call Eli whenever I need his help.”

“And he lands at your call?” The cold curiosity of my man unnerves me. So far, my big sister guards her thoughtful immunity intact. “When he doesn’t then I call him again, and again.”

“You’re stubborn, sis.” I try a rant, like my man does all the time. “Don’t you ‘sis’ me, little Doris! Who says that Eli has to arrive at my first appeal? He certainly has more important things to attend. I’m grateful that he shows up when he can.” Guess that I’ll have to ponder my interventions more carefully. This blue woman marks point after point in my detriment. I don’t like this!

“Hey, look who’s coming! There. At my eleven o’clock. The strawberry shades precipitate to a constant and growing spot…” As he speaks about Dag, my man’s arousal is visible once again. But our entangled lotus is no longer in effect. Ever since he heard about Eli, he turned to sit on the side of the iron board, dangling his legs with the breeze, scanning the skies with his eyes, hardly dissimulating his eagerness to see Eli returning.

“Seems that the approach of Dag has the power to circulate your red blood faster. Am I right, Don?”

“Makes you jealous, dear Doris?” Honestly speaking, yes, it does, but I keep my mouth shut. Have to, why give more points to Day? Hasn’t she marked enough already? Darn, I’m catty and impossible. Must control my thinking, not to hurt myself. … 174007 milliseconds later… Dag arrests her tempestuous advance few meters from Day, facing her while showing us her blonde hair cascade with hues of bronze that covers her backside, buttocks and upper thighs. I waste a millisecond peeping at my Don. I don’t like the way he looks at these huge women. What’s wrong with me? I always allowed him to stare at naked females. Why do I react like this when he studies Day and Dag? “Memories, my love.” The hint came out through my mind, not in from my ears. “Issues that were buried together with our bodies of the Prior Age. Forgotten problems that you could not address until now, because you never knew they existed in the first place. Stay cool, my darling, if I’ll get the chance to fuck those… But wait! They are unchanged because they were virgins! And they must remain this way. See? No way we’ll fuck them. Maybe Kronos. Who knows?” I grab his chin and turn his face towards me, so I can serve him the longest and juiciest and tonguest French kiss ever. He’s such a sweet jackass! I just love him.

“Don’t touch them! Do no harm to our Don and his Dor. Please, Day, spare them. They are still our family. They’ll always be! Regardless of all discord. Please, be kind!” These screams, coming from Dag’s desperate soul, interrupted my mouth to mouth breathing exercise on Don. Once I free his face, he hurries up to tell me about Dag that “she is hysterical. Stop her before they start to fight. What if they fall on us? We’ll get squashed and…”

“Worry not, little man! You didn’t travel so far to end up like a fly on a window. And you two, my girls, behave yourselves! Be quiet!”

All the four of us, two blue blooded giant girls and the tiny red blooded couple, turned speechless. Eli has arrived. A thirty-six meter tall vigorous and blue blooded giant covered in golden white hair from head to toes. The surreal beard and locks cover every part of his body, save his hands, nose, eyes and forehead. We did not see him coming, not running, nor jumping. Day mentioned that Eli is the Sky Master. Maybe he flew too fast for us to notice. But, with our enhanced brains, we are capable to record a frame for each millisecond. Hard to admit that we missed his landing. Then what remains to serve for an explanation?

The way I’ve heard my Don comforting me, I receive Eli’s answer as a thought, not a sound. “I jump, Doris, in a similar way to how your man brought you here, inside this pulsating star.” This was not a voice in my head, but a knowledge, almost like an idea of mine, yet clearly a message with an indisputable name written in the sender field: ELI. Overwhelmed by his presence, I forget about all things and all persons around me. I have only eyes and ears for Eli. The irises of his eyes are light coral blue. Do they shine or do I have the impression that two parallel streams of light are spotting Dag’s left cheek (somehow like the camera spots her targeted face before flashing it into a photograph)? Immediately, she composes herself, seeks for an understanding look in Day’s eyes and, getting one, she sits in lotus besides her sister wife. Day follows suit, dutifully. He tamed them, awestruck us in all silence. Now he will speak.