7. The Other Side of the Fence

Mr. Johannson sits atop his ladder scrutinizing his neighbors’ garden over the fence.
“Dear Mrs. Johannson, Please mark my words in your diary and note!”
Mrs. Johannson ceremoniously hurries her nib on the paper notebook, to write down
every word of her revered husband, as he speaks. “Local astronomical time: 5:19 AM,
Saturday, the 23rd of June, 2012 A.D. Indoor garage flash announced the neighbors have
returned. Departure took place at local astronomical time: 4:41 AM, Saturday, the 23 rd of
June, 2012 A.D. Destination: unknown.”
“All written up. Mr. Johannson! I incline to believe that the time has come for you
to step off that ladder of yours, handle me my portion of enzymes and make love to me,
like you did early in the evening. Who was that lady stating that live begins in your
eighties? Never mind, I just like the idea. Oh, you… dirty old man! Don’t pinch me there,
try here! Ah… ha haaa… Yes, this feels so good… Go on! Damn airplane, buzzing over
our heads exactly at local astronomical time: 5:34 AM, on Saturday the 23rd of June,
2012 A.D.”
“It is no airplane, just a twelve meter diameter meteorite. Will make contact with
earth in seven minutes and twenty-five, err, three, seconds. Over the Southern
Mediterranean Sea. Fishermen in the area will be thrilled.”
“How do you know all of this, Mr. Johannson?”
“At local astronomical time 3:57 AM, on Saturday the 23rd of June, 2012 A.D., I
woke up with a new clock running in my head. It is good to have a clear mind, to feel
young again when you are in the middle of your eighties.”
“Young and virile! Don’t stop, Mr. Johannson! Oh My God!”
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